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ThesisLand.com aims at providing the best possible writing services to enhance your academic career. We offer all types of academic writing services that are beneficial for securing higher grades in your examination. We excel in providing essay, thesis and dissertation writing for all your educational levels including PG and Doctorate and help to cement your career ahead in the long run. Our timely and well organized writing services make us the leading writing service providers in the industry.
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Dissertation writing requires knowledge, expertise, sense of the subject, understanding of teacher's instructions, research skills, dedication and hard work. When you feel you are out of time or you cannot complete your dissertation in given time, ThesisLand.com extends professionally competent help to assist you in this situation. Once you let us know your detailed requirements, your dissertation is assigned to your writer. You constantly remain in touch with your writer and exchange your views and instructions with him/here that further ensures quality of work exactly matching your needs.
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$4 $7 $9 $16 $21 60 d+
$6 $9 $11 $18 $23 30-60 d
$8 $11 $13 $20 $25 15-30 d
$10 $13 $15 $22 $27 11-14 d
$12 $14 $16 $24 $29 7-10 d
$15 $17 $19 $26 $33 4-6 d
$16 $18 $21 $30 $35 3 days
$19 $22 $25 $32 $42 48 hrs
$22 $25 $28 $37 $48 24 hrs
$25 $31 $37 $45 $50 8 hrs
Highly Qualified and Experienced Writers
ThesisLand.com has more than 500 qualified and well experienced writers in almost all academic disciplines including business, management, finance, administration, commerce, marketing, accounting, medical, nursing, dentistry, political science, social sciences, humanities, history, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, statistics, research, philosophy, psychology, literature, computer, IT,  American history, European history, African History, European history, anthropology, architecture, designing, genetics, veterinary sciences and many more.
ThesisLand.com writers include more than 90 PhD writers whereas the Masters degree or university graduation is our minimum requirement for writers. You can also recommend the name of writer from the box below if you want your paper to be written by a specific writer.  You have direct communication with your writer after you place your order with ThesisLand.com
Premium Writers for your Theses and Dissertations
Brinda Blackman
Degree: Masters in Literature and Social Sciences
Average customer satisfaction score: 9.50
Pages written over last year: 1924
Specialization: Creative Writing, Social and Cultural issues
Ana Spencer
Degree: BS Computer Sciences
Average customer satisfaction score: 9.3
Pages written over last year: 456
Specialization: Computer, Creative Writing, Social and Cultural issues
Jeremy Taylor
Degree: MBA Marketing
Average customer satisfaction score: 7.9
Pages written over last year: 432
Specialization: Marketing, Advertising, Online Promotion, Strategy Making
Bridget Brandt
Degree: Masters in Management Sciences
Average customer satisfaction score: 7.8
Pages written over last year: 430
Specialization: Marketing, Strategic Analysis, Research and Communication
Dianne Weeks
Degree: MBA Finance
Average customer satisfaction score: 9.3
Pages written over last year: 732
Specialization: Finance, Financial Analysis, Feasibility, Financial Management, Financial Strategy Making
Metilda Mark
Degree: Masters in English Literature
Average customer satisfaction score: 8.8
Pages written over last year: 433
Specialization: European Literature, American Literature
Cally Cardina
Degree: Medicine
Average customer satisfaction score: 8.4
Pages written over last year: 789
Specialization: Nursing, Pathology, Hospital Management, Medicine, Patient Care
Bruce Heart
Degree: MCS, MIS, MIT
Average customer satisfaction score: 9.1
Pages written over last year: 679
Specialization: Computer, IT, Internet, E-Commerce, Open Source Software, VOIP
Brian Souders
Degree: BS Computer Sciences
Average customer satisfaction score: 8.9
Pages written over last year: 215
Specialization: Computer, Internet, Technology, Social Media
Johnathan Young
Degree: Masters International Religions
Average customer satisfaction score: 8.2
Pages written over last year: 345
Specialization: Chrisitianity, Judism, Comparative Analysis of Religions
Claudia Smith
Degree: LLB
Average customer satisfaction score: 8.4
Pages written over last year: 895
Specialization: Law, Australian, European and American Law, Business Laws, International Laws
Albert Reeves
Degree: Master\'s in Social Sciences
Average customer satisfaction score: +9
Pages written over last year: 234
Specialization: Sociology, Criminology, History, Law
Chole Crosby
Degree: Mass Communication
Average customer satisfaction score: 9.2
Pages written over last year: 2245
Specialization: Journalism, Socialogy, History, Media Marketing
Mike Martin
Degree: MSc Psychology
Average customer satisfaction score: 9.3
Pages written over last year: 256
Specialization: Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Applied Psychology
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My term became a nightmare when I got reference from my friend and contacted ThesisLand.com for urgent help. I received a very friendly and problem solving response from both support staff and writer. When it came to revisions and changes in the paper, they also did without any trouble. I am a happy and satisfied customer of ThesisLand.com now.
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